September API Update: Deprecating Fields in our Response to POST /quotes

September 18th, 2022

We're looking to deprecate the:

  • aggregate_limit
  • aggregate_retentions
  • per_claim_limit

fields in our response to POST /quotes.

These fields are currently presented in our response to GET /quotes which will be the only source of truth for the terms of an At-Bay quote.

With this change, you can rely on our immediate response to POST /quotes as a receipt for the options you've requested and differentiate between your request's payload and what we're able to return.

Since aggregate_limit is the only required part of a request for a quote option, one possible request/response might look like:

Example Request

"policy": {
        "insurance_product": "CYB",
        "quotes": [
                "aggregate_limit": 1000000

Example Response

    "aggregate_limit": 1000000,
    "aggregate_retention": 2500,
    "per_claim_limit": 1000000,
    "requested_aggregate_limit": 1000000,
    "requested_aggregate_retention": null,
    "requested_per_claim_limit": null,
    "quote_identifier": "{quote_id}"

We plan on fully deprecating aggregate_limit, aggregate_retention, and per_claim_limit a month after this change has been released.