Bind Quotes

Instructions on how to bind and receive a binder + policy

At-Bay can issue conditional binders for open quotes that have post-bind contingencies only.

Conditional binders automatically expire 30 days after their issue date.
Within the 30-day window, all contingencies must be completed for official policy documents to be generated and shared.

After any outstanding contingencies have been completed, binder documents can be re-downloaded.

Step 1: Check to see if a submission is eligible to bind over API

  • Only submissions with a quote_status of quote_open or quote_bind_requested are eligible to be bound online.

Step 2: Request to bind / bind online

Include policy effective and expiration dates along with the POST/binds/{identifier} request. At-Bay supports non-annual policies.

  • After a successful bind request for submissions with one or more pre-bind contingencies, the quote_status will update to quote_bind_requested.

  • A policy_number will not be available at this point.

  • After a successful bind request for submissions with only post-bind contingencies, the quote_status will update to policy_active and a policy_number will be available.

  • If a bind request is unsuccessful, you will see a message stating "Resource not available for current quote_status.”

Step 3: Download conditional binder document and other relevant documents

  • Download all binder-related documents, including extra materials on At-Bay's post-bind active risk monitoring services.

Step 4: Upload documentation to support contingencies

  • Upload documents that prove contingencies have been completed using the POST/documents request. Connect documents to specific contingencies using the the contingency_id.

  • This will send documents directly to At-Bay’s underwriting team to review.
    Connect document(s) to specific contingencies. After a contingency has been reviewed and confirmed by an underwriter, its status will update from open to closed.

Step 5. Retrieve and download Policy

  • Retrieve a policy using GET/quotes/policy/{identifier}.

  • At-Bay’s underwriters will issue policies in 3-5 days after all documents have been uploaded to support contingencies. We recommend polling in 6, 12, or 24 hour intervals for up to 5 days.


Keep an eye out for policy issuance via webhooks!