Coverage Behavior and Endorsement Mappings

For most of our coverages, they can be considered distinct and separate line items where their values will be populated:

       "coverage_name": str,
       "limit": int,
       "parameter": str || null,
       "parameter_name": str || null,
       "retention": int



Ransomware Event Sublimit Edge Case

If Ransomware does not appear as an object in our coverages list, you can assume the specific event sublimit does not apply.


Endorsement doesn't appear as object in coverages list

If an endorsement is not included as an object, you can assume the limit for it is 0 (not offered) except for Ransomware.

In the coverages array, we also include endorsements which add coverage to the policy.
If an endorsement is included in a policy, it will appear as:

       "coverage_name": str,
       "limit": null,
       "parameter": null,
       "parameter_name": null,
       "retention": null

Though the limit is null, they map to some of our other sublimits.
You can look for the specific endorsement document to find the specific value.

Other Null Case Sublimits

Below are mappings for further endorsements that fall into this null case:

EndorsementMatching LImit
Breach Costs Outside$1M or aggregate limit if aggregate limit is < $1m
CryptojackingAggregate Limit
Funds Transfer FraudSocial Engineering Sublimit
Invoice ManipulationComputer Fraud Sublimit