Quote Statuses

Complete table of possible quote statuses.

quote_statusDescriptionDocuments Available
quote_referredQuote request is pending and in our underwriting queue. It can take up to 48 hours for an underwriter to review a quote./application, /recommendations
quote_openQuote is valid and bindable./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report
quote_declinedQuote was declined by At-Bay./application, /recommendations
quote_expiredQuote expiration date is in the past./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report
quote_revokedQuote was once 'quote_open' but was revoked by At-Bay. This is usually either due to changes in the information about the insured or the result of underwriter discretion. These quotes cannot be bound./application, /recommendations
quote_bind_requestedBind request for this quote option is pending and in our underwriting queue./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report
quote_not_boundQuote option is for an insured that had a bind request for a different quote option./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report
policy_activeThe policy is active and in force.All documents.
policy_active (conditionally bound)The policy will be cancelled if contingencies are not fulfilled within 30 days./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report,
/binder, /binder_tria,
policy_cancelledThe policy was cancelled./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report,
/binder, /binder_tria,
policy_expiredThe policy expiration date has passed./application, /quote_letter, /policy_specimen, /recommendations, /security_report,
/binder, /binder_tria,