Integration Guide for Outstanding/Referred Quotes

Retrieving Created Quotes


Side Effects

Making a change to a quote will result in invalidating old quote_id's. Make sure to reflect them accurately by polling or invalidating old quote_id's within your system.

After submitting a POST request to create a quote, it can take up to a few minutes for the quote to be ready.

After the initial POST request, we recommend making GET requests to quotes/{quote_id} with a polling interval of 5-10s.

Once your quotes are ready, they can have a status of:

  • quote_open
  • quote_referred


Declined Quotes

Currently, our API does not auto-decline. Quotes will only be declined after underwriter review which means it will be quote_referred before it becomes quote_declined.

Strategies for Referred Quotes

Just because a quote is referred does not mean it will necessarily decline!
Instead, it's added to our underwriters' queue where the quote will be manually reviewed.

It can take up to 48 hours for underwriters to review a quote depending on your agreement with At-Bay.

For referred quotes, we recommend a longer polling interval with GET requests.
This interval can be set at your discretion.
Depending on your system's bandwidth, it could be set to once a day or once per hour for example.



In the future, At-Bay will be implementing webhooks which will cover common use cases in regards to quote changes.