Change Quotes via API and TEO submissions


For Implementing Cyber and TEO

If the same company is submitted for Cyber and TEO quotes, you will encounter a Broker of Record conflict. To submit a previously submitted company for TEO, use the provided company_id as detailed in the workflow below.

In order to edit details of an open quote (application answers, company information), pass the existing company_id along with the updated parameters through the POST /quotes/.

After sending a POST request with significant changes, any quotes using the old parameters will be marked as revoked and no longer retrievable (including the documents).

Quotes with updated terms will be published along with new quote identifiers returned in the API response.


Insignificant changes

You will still receive new quote identifiers even if insignificant changes were made such as:

  • the name of the applicant
  • the address of the applicant

As long as the questionnaire and revenue answers are the same, we will honor the original quote for 60 days.

You may also reactivate expired quotes (quote status of quote_inactive) by using the POST/quotes/{identifier} request with company ID.