Bind Quotes via API




Quotes can only be bound if they're open. Revoked quotes cannot be bound.

Binding via API is now available with immediate policy issuance.
With this change, platform partners will now be able to immediately retrieve policy related documents after uploading a signed version of our application as part of their checkout process.

To utilize this new field on your platform, you can use it with the below disclaimer.

Attestation Language


Pre Approved At-Bay Disclaimer with Attestation

When implementing the attestation checkbox, you can use the following language.

I understand that by checking this box I am confirming that the document uploaded:

  • Is the application used to obtain the Quote and / or Conditional Binder,
  • Includes the insured’s signature, and
  • Makes no changes to the application used to obtain the Quote and / or Conditional Binder.

I also understand that At-Bay may change the coverage offered in the Quote or insurance Policy if the document uploaded has additional information, or changes information submitted in the application, between the time of the Quote and binding of the insurance Policy.

Bind States

A POST request to /binds kicks off the process for binding a quote_open quote.
Once this request has been made, it can result in two statuses for the quote:

quote_bind_requested and policy_active.

A quote whose status is policy_active can result in
a conditional binder or be bound/achieve immediate policy issuance.


Updated Document Sets

Some of our documents here are supersets of others:
We recommend making as few document calls as possible.

Bind StatePolicy Active (quote_status)Documents Available
Immediate policy issuance (bound)Yes/billing_statement, /binder_tria, /loss_runs, /policy

All policy and bind-related documents
Conditional binder issued (open post-bind contingencies)Yes. If post-contingencies are not completed within 30 days, the policy will be canceled.All policy documents will be available once contingencies are completed and an underwriter has reviewed it.

Retrievable documents are:
/binder_tria, /loss_runs
Bind requested (open pre-bind contingencies)No. An underwriter will be notified to review any contingencies.No bind-related documents.

App Attestation Field

With the app_attestation field available in our bind request, you can now achieve immediate policy issuance when this property is used in conjunction with an uploaded post-bind contingency.

Most At-Bay submissions will only have one which is the post-bind contingency of a signature on our application(GET /quotes/application/{quote_id})


Pre-Bind Contingencies

Since pre-bind contingencies are issued by underwriters, making a bind request for quotes with open contingencies will result in quote status of bind_requested as they need manual underwriter review.

Once the status of the pre-bind contingencies are closed, you can make another POST bind request to receive immediate policy issuance or a conditional binder.

Application Uploaded (Post-bind contingency)app_attestation fieldBind/Quote State || Response Message
Yes.trueImmediate policy issuance if all post-bind contingencies have supporting documents uploaded.
Yesfalse"message": "Unable to process bind until application answers are attested to."
YesProperty omitted in API requestConditional binder issued
Notrue"message": "Resource not available for current quote_status."
Nofalse"message": "Unable to process bind until application answers are attested to."
NoProperty omitted in API requestBind requested(quote_bind_requested)