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API Autoquotes

For Surplus, the At-Bay API will autoquote up to $3M in aggregate limits for companies up to $100M in annual revenue. Submissions above this range will have to undergo manual underwriter review.

To receive a Surplus Quote, we require answers/values to the following security and insurance questions:

QuestionIDTypeAcceptable values
Is the Applicant engaged in any of the following business activities? (select all that apply)2244multiple choice (An array of strings representing each selected checkbox)["Adult Content",


"Cryptocurrency or Blockchain",

"Debt collection agency",


"Managed IT service provider (MSP or MSSP)",

"Payment Processing (e.g., as a payment processor, merchant acquirer, or Point of Sale system vendor)",

"None of the above"]
Does the Applicant have controls in place which require all fund and wire transfers over $25,000 to be authorized and verified by at least two employees prior to execution?2141booleantrue/false
Does the Applicant keep offline backups that are disconnected from its network or store backups with a cloud service provider?2142booleantrue/false
Does the Applicant encrypt all sensitive information at rest?2143booleantrue/false
Does the Applicant store or process personal, health, or credit card information of more than 500,000 individuals?2159booleantrue/false
Does the Applicant have multi-factor authentication enabled on email access and remote network access?2245booleantrue/false
In the last three (3) years, has the Applicant experienced in excess of $10,000 any Cyber Event, Loss, or been the subject of any Claim made for a Wrongful Act that would fall within the scope of the Policy for which the Applicant is applying?2146booleantrue/false
Please provide details

*Required only if 2146 = “true”
2124free text[any]
Is the Applicant aware of any fact, circumstance, situation, event, or Wrongful Act which reasonably could give rise to a Cyber Event, Loss, or a Claim being made against them that would fall within the scope of the Policy for which the Applicant is applying?2147booleantrue/false
Please provide details

*Required only if 2147 = “true”
2119free text[any]