FAQs 🧠


General Questions

How do I get an access token to your API?

Contact [email protected] if you're interested in becoming an API partner!
Once you've gone through a few of our onboarding steps, we'll give you a token to our demo environment so you can get your testing started. 😃

Do I need a new access token for different brokers/agencies?

No, access tokens are specific to your company's API usage. So, even if you have multiple agencies on your platforms, you'll use the same token for all of them.

What is the broker appointment process like?

If you're trying to appoint a new broker with us, we'll send over a few forms to get your broker and their agents into our system. Afterwards, we'll reach out to your broker's team for a few other pieces we need to complete the process.

What kind of domains can I use for testing?

If a large corporate domain, such as Facebook or Google, is used, the quote will be referred as the domain scan will fail. Subdomains in this sense, such as facebook pages or one from a CMS, will also fail.

I ran into a bug! I have a question that's not answered by your FAQ's or docs!

Contact [email protected].

If the conflict is address only, please fill out the optional street2 field.
This will allow us to identify the company as unique even if it's in the same building as a pre existing company.

If that doesn't work, please write into [email protected] with the name, address, and domains on the company.