Intro to the At-Bay Questionnaire

An overview of implementing our questions

At-Bay has specific question sets for each product.

Within the policy object of each POST /quote request, specify the product you wish to get a quote for.

For a Cyber quote: "insurance_product": "CYB"
For a Tech E&O quote: "insurance_product": "TEO"

Using the same company_id and broker, you may request a Cyber and Tech E&O quote for the same company and avoid a BoR block.

You may only bind a submission for one of those products. You’ll receive an error message upon trying to bind a submission for a second product.

Submitting Answers for Multiple Choice Questions


Multiple Choice Question Values

To submit answers for a multiple choice question, we accept an array of strings. To signify that an answer has been selected, this string must be formatted exactly as listed e.g.

["Cryptocurrency or Blockchain", "Payment Processing (e.g., as a payment processor, merchant acquirer, or Point of Sale system vendor)"]