Download Quote Documents

At-Bay's API includes download endpoints for all its submission-related documents.
We also include endpoints for our application and security recommendations. Using the Use the quote_identifier to retrieve documents for a specific submission.

GET/quotes/{document name}/{quote_identifier}

Quote-related documents:

  1. Filled out At-Bay application (document name: "application")
  2. Quote letter (document name: "quote_letter)
  3. Merged Quote packet, including quote letter, specimen endorsements, specimen policy (document name: "policy_specimen")
  4. Scan findings and security recommendations (document name: "recommendations")
  5. In-depth security score report (document name: "security_report")

Bind-related document downloads:

  1. Binder (document name: "binder")
  2. Merged Binder and TRIA (document name: "binder_tria")
  3. Policy (document name: "policy")
  4. Billing Statement (document name: "billing_statement")
  5. Client security letter (document name: "security_letter")
  6. Loss runs document* (document name: "loss_runs")

*Note - if there are no claims associated with the loss runs document, you'll be able to retrieve the loss runs document immediately. In the case there are claims, we will need to process your request manually and you will see 202 response with the body "Issuing loss runs for this account is not available through the API, please make a request to [email protected]"